Visvox media is a team of experienced professionals, who work in the fields of media business and production. Dynamic and modern company that is always ready to look out for new solutions for every client. We are working with TV channels, online platforms, productions studios and content distributors.

Our work ethics

1. Individual approach towards every client
2. One time deals
3. Unique solutions and diverse content

Our mission

We are aiming for the creation of creative and affordable content with the main focus on inclusivity and diversity. Hence, the moto – adding the colors. No matter what is your age, social status, country or skin color, we have something just for you.

Modern content for every, welfare and politics, economics and nature, animated series and documentaries. You name it!

Our vision

Visvox media wants to become one of the major distribution companies on the market. We believe that the combination of top tier professionals, captivating content and unique environment will make it happen.

What for?
To make a name for ourselves, create in comfort of artistic freedom and make a difference in the field of media content.

Type of the rights

Inflight rights