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Our co-production

Disappearing Foods
Duration: 12 х 8 min
Year: 2021
Genre: Environmental affairs docuseries
Audience: 12+
Language: English
Available: worldwide

In thirty years we will have to change our gastronomic preferences. “Disappearing Foods” will tell you where the products, without which we cannot imagine our existence, will disappear.
How will population growth affect our eating habits? Why does the contents of supermarket shelves depend on the environmental situation on the Earth? At the heart of every episode of “Disappearing Foods” are historical facts and futurists’ predictions that will revolutionize our planet’s cloudless future.

Duration: 26 х 11 min
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Audience: 6-9 years old
Realization: 2D, 3D

A magical planet called Dra-Dra is inhabited by iridescent dragon brothers – the Rainbow Dragons! The Rainbow Dragons are seven iridescent dragon brothers; each of them has a peculiar coloration and they all differ from each other in personalities and interests. Every day the Rainbow Dragons fly out of their castle and erect the Rainbow. People who find themselves on Dra-Dra while dreaming can get home by crossing the magic Rainbow bridge.
TV-stories about the Rainbow Dragons occupied the leading positions in the rating by the viewers’ interest.

Our voiceover and dubbing

YURII MELNYCHUK (GROM ) is a composer.

REGULAR CLIENTS (dubbing and sound design, recording studio):

Kvartal 95 Studio, Star Media, Mamahohotala, Diesel Show, TV channels 1+1, INTER, NOVYI, NLO, STB, ICTV, UKRAINE and a lot others.

PROJECTS (dubbing and audio production):

• «Rejection» (directed by Volodymyr Lert);
• «Peace to your home» (directed by Volodymyr Lert);
• «1+1 at home» (directed by Dmytro Malkov);
• «March 8» (directed by Dmytro Malkov);
• «Matchmakers» (Kvartal 95 Studio);
• «Porobleno in Ukraine» (Kvartal 95 Studio);
• «Silver Bowl» (Babich-Desing);
• «History of Kazakhstan» (Babich-Desing);
• «Way Home» (directed by Dmytro Avdeev);
• «The Great War» (Star Media);
• «Heads and Tails» (Inter), etc.

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